Staff Negotiations

With salaries a top expenditure every year, be confident you’re succeeding at the bargaining table.

This responsive and intuitive software provides the tools needed to stay competitive, and achieve successful negotiations. You will have the resources and knowledge to gain strategic advantages in all stages of the negotiation process by providing real time, quick change calculations comparing districts in your arrays, saving a tremendous amount of time in the process. No more manual recalculations.

This user friendly platform gives you the ability to run studies of any school in the state, and see the comparisons and reports from other districts allowing you and your board to work from accurate data to settle negotiations fair and fast.


  • Access data collected for districts and ESUs across Nebraska
  • Create multiple custom arrays for comparability
  • View prevalence reports in each saved custom array
  • View negotiated agreements of districts in an array
  • Compare placement data calculations from similar sized districts and ESUs across the state in each custom array in real-time
  • Compare the results of each real-time, custom array in real-time
  • Generate and save custom reports
  • Reduce time and confusion when dealing with the bargaining process

By using data from all school districts and ESUs across Nebraska you are able to accurately compare all salary and benefit information, to make smart and fair decisions using North Star’s comparison reports, negotiated agreements, and placement calculations in real-time.

The resulting value of real-time and accurate information was invaluable. Now that our information is already accurately reflective of our staff and Negotiated Agreement, future use of the program will be a snap… well spent for the reports and confidence of accurate information regarding an important aspect of planning.

Sparq Negotiations Software Pricing

Student Enrollment SizeFirst YearSecond YearThird Year
8,000 to 19,999$6,210$5,280$4,620
3,000 to 7,999$4,830$3,960$3,630
1,000 to 2,999$3,795$3,300$2,970
500 to 999$2,898$2,420$2,112
250 to 499$2,484$2,112$1,716
0 to 249$2,070$1,650$1,320

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The video is a short demonstration on how to utilize the Sparq Negotiations software in conjunction with the data inputted from the Contract Settlement Form. Please take a moment to preview this video to become more familiar with the program.