Online Publishing

Give your board, staff, and community access in a secure, easy-to-use format.

Make your policies and procedures accessible online, in a secure, easy-to-use, web-based portal. No more maintaining hefty paper manuals or continually updating hard copies. Trust that your staff and the public are all looking at the same documents as your board, from one central and secure location.

Getting Started

To start, simply send your files as electronic documents in any format. Sparq Data then creates a custom site for your organization, converts all documents to a compatible format, and deploys the files to the live site.


Your staff will be trained on using and navigating the system. All support, updates, and upgrades are provided by Sparq Data and included with the yearly renewal. Hosting, software updates, training, and support are all provided by Sparq Data.

Make sure your policies are:

Accurate and Current

Post and update policies and procedures online to give your staff another tool to stay up to date.

Convenient and Accessible

Your leadership documents are available at all times to staff, board members, media, and the general public.

Secure and Reliable

Your policies and procedures are stored on the NETS server and linked within your website.

Beneficial to Everyone

Board members have easy, 24/7 access without the burden of maintaining and continually updating a paper manual. Educate staff and the public about your policies, quickly and easily print or download key policies whenever needed, and trust that everyone is looking at the same centralized Online Policy web-based manual.

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Beatrice Public SchoolsJohnson County Central Public SchoolsSchuyler Community Schools
Blair Community SchoolsLaurel-Concord-Coleridge Public Schools Shelby-Rising City Public Schools
Brady Public SchoolsMitchell Public SchoolsShelton Public Schools
Columbus Public Schools Morrill Public Schools St. Paul Public Schools
Franklin Public SchoolsNorth Platte Public Schools Sterling Public Schools
Friend Public SchoolsNorthwest Public SchoolsSumner-Eddyville-Miller Schools
Hastings Public Schools Osceola Public SchoolsWahoo Public Schools
Hayes Center Public SchoolsPender Public Schools
HTRS Public SchoolRavenna Public Schools