Paperless Board Meeting

Change the way your board does business

By enabling members of your board instant, online access to all board packet information, they have substantially more time to prepare for meetings, saving you time and money on prep, paper, and postage, while enabling your capacity to manage all past and present information electronically. Sparq Data Solutions provides you and your board with:

  • Online Board Calendars
  • Meeting Categorization
    • regular, special, emergency, committee, hearing, etc.
  • Meeting Archives, Data Storage, Attachments, and Personal Notes
  • Advanced Search through all past and present meeting-related documents
  • Ability to create meeting agendas from scratch or existing templates
  • Ability to link your goals to specific board meeting agendas
  • Develop, publish and forward notices, agendas, attachments, and minutes to all meeting participants
  • Ability for information to be linked or posted to your public website
  • Follow Leader mode, for those who can’t or don’t want to follow on their own
  • One-click notifications to quickly alert board members when updates or the agenda is available
  • Access 24/7 from any computer, tablet, or smartphone

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Free up your board’s hands and minds....

Free up your board’s hands and minds by giving them instant, online access before, during and after each meeting.

Sparq Meetings is a user-friendly service for any organization with a board, that is responsive to the diverse functionality of individual board needs.

Think about how much wasted time and energy you spend today. Sparq Meetings provides a dynamic platform for the board to collaboratively plan and execute business by accessing not only current documents, but all materials that have been discussed in the past. The value of transparency and collaborative planning is invaluable.

Sparq Meetings streamlines the meeting process digitally, reducing the mounds of paper, by developing board packets, posting agendas, sharing minutes, and storing all materials and documents online while creating the organizational structure needed to increase the efficiency of the process. No more handwritten, scribbled notes, shoved in a hidden away binder.

Enhance communication with both the board members and district patrons by making meeting information and board policies readily available to anyone who desires to interact with the information.